February 2016 - Sierra Scoop Column

One month into the New Year and 2016 is starting off better than 2015. Our rain and snowfall is above average which means water for our lakes, streams, rivers, aquifers and most importantly each of us! Let’s pray that the wet weather continues!

For those of you interested is what has occurred in 2015 legislatively, check out the “RCRC 2015 Year In Review” by visiting http://tinyurl.com/hxeb25k. Get info on things such as Drought, Grazing, Transportation, Health, etc.

Here are some CalTrans project for Mono County that are on the books: Conway Guardrail (replace old with new); Sheep Ranch Shoulders (2017); Aspen-Fales Shoulder Widening (2017); Virginia Lakes northbound Turn Pocket (waiting for funding); Green Lakes pavement rehab (2016); Bridgeport culverts (2016); Antelope Valley pavement rehab (2016)

The Eastern Sierra Transit Authority (ESTA) is reporting that the Walker Dial-A-Ride ridership increased 39% from 2014 (with total fares covering ~7.5% of cost) and Bridgeport to Gardnerville increased 6%+ from 2014 (with total fares of 15% of cost).

Bridgeport’s Memorial Hall remodel project’s phase 1, upstairs Theater and bathrooms, is coming along nicely.

Work at the Antelope Valley Community Center to insulate and modernize the original hall is coming along nicely. Thanks to the Antelope Valley Lions Club members and other public members for your hard work and dedication.

Mono County also remodeled the public bathrooms across from the Walker Senior Center. These look to be the nicest public bathrooms for miles. Thank you Mono County Public Works.

For the past several months, I have been disheartened with the lack of civility by so many. While we are a community of various thoughts, beliefs and ideas, there is no reason to mistreat those that may have a different point of view. I have always believed that we as a community were better than that, but events in 2015 seemed to show I was mistaken. The best way to work “with” others, is to treat each other with mutual respect even when points of view differ. It is when we work together (and that does not always mean getting everything one wants) as a society, as a community, that we can and will achieve the best results! I strongly urge everyone to make a pledge to be more civil in 2016.