December 2015 - Sierra Scoop Column

The Mono County Office of Education and Library Authority have come to the understanding that the Mono County Libraries will continue “status quo” for the remainder of their fiscal year. At their October 22nd meeting in Coleville, the Library Authority agreed to stop the Bookmobile (~$10+/year) and also to reduce the hours at the Mammoth Library. While the bullet was dodged this year, next year remains questionable!

The EMS Ad-Hoc committee continues to meet twice a month. The committee is close to start working on details for two options to present to the Board of Supervisors. To follow along, visit

The Bridgeport and Antelope Valley RPACs have immediate openings on both of these committees. Each meets once a month. The Bridgeport RPAC meets on the third Thursdays and the AV RPAC meets on the first Thursdays. Membership is open to their respective residents and property owners. Please get involved and lets all help to keep our communities alive and well.

Even though the State already has a Plastic Bag Ban (which goes to the voters in November 2016 to ratify), the BOS (4-1) agreed to use precious staff and resources to create its own “Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance” here in Mono County. If (and it’s very likely) the State ban is voted in favor by the California voters, the Mono County ordinance will become null and void. Thus is a waste of time and resources while a State Ban is looming before us. Some things just make no sense!

Back in mid-year, the Board of Supervisors implemented an extensive nationwide search for a new County Administrative Officer. After receiving ~20 well qualified applicants, the BOS ended up interviewing 9 candidates. Afterwards, the field was whittled down to 3. In a first-of-its-kind interview process, County Department Heads and Managers where allowed to interview the final three candidates and give input into the process. After much discussion between the Board members, the 3 very well qualified candidates were whittled down to a final candidate. With a unanimous vote (5-0) by the Board, Leslie Chapman, Mono County’s Finance Director, was chosen. Leslie is a life-long resident of the Eastern Sierra, has been with the County for 2 ½ years and resides in her dream house in Antelope Valley. Please help me in welcoming Leslie Chapman as the new Mono County CAO!

While Christmas is just days away, it is now time to step back and give thanks for all of the good that is in one’s life. I for one am thankful for having a loving family and having such great and loving friends. My wife, Mary, and I wish each and every one of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS. May you find peace and happiness to fill your lives!