November 2015 - Sierra Scoop Column

The Eastern Sierra Area Agency on Aging (ESAAA) is currently recruiting to fill Advisory Council Member vacancies on the ESAAA Advisory Council. The council is actively seeking participation from Mono and Inyo County residents.  Currently, there are noMono County residents on the Council.  The Advisory Committee provides advice and consultation on issues affecting the provision of services provided locally to older individuals (this could include you!).  Please contact Kathy Peterson at 760-924-1770 or for more information. Let’s get Mono County represented!!!

The BOS meetings are streamed both “Live” and “Archived” and recently I have been asked where on the internet one can go to view the Board of Supervisor’s meetings. Here’s the URL once again,

While the County does have a “hiring freeze” in place, this does not mean that the County cannot hire anyone. What it does mean is that “All” requests must come to the BOS and justification for the position must be made, and of course along with how it will be funded. In the 2015-2016 approved Budget, there are many positions allocated and funded, but the actual request to fill these positions must still be sought from the BOS. Of course there is always the case where someone leaves Mono County and the vacant position must be filled. Again, authorization must be sought from the BOS.

Speaking of positions, by the time you read this column, the County may have, or at least be very close to hiring a new CAO. The BOS has been busy spending lots of time interviewing, and re-interviewing candidates for this very important position. Along with the CAO position, the BOS are also in the process of hiring a new Human Resources (HR) Director. The HR position has sat vacant far too long and must be filled ASAP. Hopefully I’ll have great news on both of these positions come my December column!

The EMS AD-Hoc committee is making great progress on coming up with options for the BOS. The goal is to have two or more options, with the options ranked in priority of preference by the committee. If you want to see the latest and greatest on the EMS Ad Hoc, check out the County’s website at

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Thanksgiving is on November 26th and it’s approaching quite fast. While our Country has many problems, life in the US is far much better than most of the world. It is during these times that we should give thanks that we have things like: running water, sewer systems (not common in most countries), lighting, electricity, heat, food and most important friends and neighbors. Please take a moment and help someone during this month of “Thanksgiving”. Happy Thanksgiving Mono County!