June 2015 - Sierra Scoop Column

Mono County is full of history and an organizations known as Trails West Inc, a non-profit, is engaged in marking the historic Sonora Pass Emigrant trial in the Antelope Valley. It turns out that this trail crossed Topaz Lane (near the Giorgi ranch), Cunningham Lane (near the cemetery) and on Larson Lane not far from today’s Highway 395. It then turns west crosses Hwy 395 cutting up into Little Antelope Valley. Markers will soon be placed near the actually crossings. Find out more at www.emigranttrails.org.

The official name of the park at the old Mountain Gate Lodge is….. Mountain Gate Park. On May 23rd a dedication ceremony was held. This event was sponsored by the Northern Mono Chamber of Commerce and the Antelope Valley Lions. A special dedication Rock was placed near the amphitheater and dedicated to Arden Gerbig for his relentless effort in seeing this park built. A plaque was placed in the Chamber’s Kiosk thanking the Antelope Valley RPAC and many of its members that helped and supported this project over the past 16 years. This park completes Phase 2 with the RPAC working on Phase 3. If you are interested in helping create the next part of this, then come out to a RPAC meeting (first Thursdays at 7pm, Community Center Walker).

Hopefully by the time you read this, the Ad Hoc EMS committee will have finally met for the first time. Government can really move slowly at times! More info to come next month.

On April 21st the Interior Secretary, Sally Jewell, announced that the Bi-State Sage Grouse will not be listed under the Endangered Species Act. This is great news for Mono County and all of its rural residents. If it had been listed, 82% of all private land (that probably includes your home) would have fallen in the “critical habitat”. This could have sent our property values spiraling downward. County staff has worked hard over the past 15 years making sure that this Grouse did not get listed.

Mono County’s CAO Jim Leddy resigned at the end of May. While he was here for only 2 years, he did great work in moving this County forward into the 21st century. Jim brought an energy to his job unparalleled by anyone. His State and Federal legislative knowledge and expertise will be missed along with his relentless zest to make Mono County the best in County Government. Take care Jim and we hope you and your family will visit from time to time!

The 8th Annual Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree is just about a month away and volunteers are still needed for this great event. Please contact the Northern Mono Chamber of Commerce at 530-208-6078 if you are interested in helping out.