February 2015 - Sierra Scoop Column

Hopefully by the time you read this, the weather has turned to rain and snow. If not, then we may all have to start some serious praying!

Work continued thru January on the Bridgeport Memorial Hall bathrooms. As with any remodel, what is behind the walls and floor is anyone’s guess. County staff did find several items that were not anticipated. Luckily staff was able to remedy these items before closing up the floor and walls.

As you may have heard, the Department of Fish and Wildlife is once again planning on violating the trout stocking law and reduce the amount and size of trout to be stocked. This news came at the end of the year during a time when County offices were closed due to furloughs. The situation is being looked into and Staff is all over this seeing what we can do to remedy this situation. In order to meet the expectations of anglers, I may be proposing that we stock more fish. If we can subsidize an airline because “it attracts more tourists”, then we surely can plant “more fish to attract and keep our anglers” coming back!

In your January garbage bill (D&S and Mammoth Disposal) you may have noticed a slight increase of ~1.46%. This increase was requested by these haulers per their franchise agreements. They are allowed to request an increase based on a combined CPI formula. What his means is about a 25 cent increase for one residential can pick-up.

The Antelope Valley Fire Protection District saw the reappointment of Tom Stewart to its Board of Commissioners. Congratulations Tom!

January saw the swearing in of an existing Board member, Larry Johnston re-elected in June ’14, one new Board member, Stacy Corliss (District 5), Tim Kendall DA, Barry Beck Assessor, & Ingrid Braun Sheriff.

As it does every year, the Board of Supervisors elects a new Chairman, Vice Chair, and Chair Pro-tem. In January, the BOS elected Tim Fesko as its new Chair, Fred Stump as Vice Chair, and Stacy Corliss as Chair Pro-tem.