August 2014 - Sierra Scoop Column

The month of July saw our tourism businesses pick up and continue keeping our local businesses busy and many of our locals employed. May summer continue with a vengeance.

Well after almost 2 years (things work slowly in the world of government) the second reading and adoption of the mailbox ordinance has come and past. Remember if you want to put in a new mailbox in the County right-of-way, you MUST come get an encroachment permit from Public Works. Please note that ALL existing mailboxes are grandfathered.

The Senior Program is alive and well. We have great staff that oversee the program (Thanks Megan!). If you have not tried the program, please stop by and visit. It really is not all about just food!

Remember to help keep the Walker Recycle Center open by bring in all of your aluminum cans and plastic bottles. They really need the material to stay open. If this center were to close, it would be a blow to North County!

The County and the Public have continued to work together on the concept of a fish hatchery out on Conway Ranch. By the time you read this column, I’m hopeful that a plan will have been adopted and we can move towards a permanent solution for all of the people’s land, Conway Ranch.

The Board spent nearly three days going over a very tight budget. Some significant cuts were made in some departments (they were not happy) but the reality is just that, reality. The Board continues to haggle (many 3-2 votes) over how to spend “The People’s money”. Just when you think someone is fiscally conservative, you find out otherwise. A final budget will be discussed and adopted hopefully sometime by September.

The “Mono City Emergency Access Road” has moved closer to reality after the Board approved appropriate environmental reports and signed a 30 year renewable right-of-way grant from the BLM. Hats off to County personal, BLM and Mono City for making this very important access happen!

A contract extension with a County vendor that takes care of radio equipment was approved yet again for another year by a 4-1 vote. The single “no” vote urged the rest of the Board to open (i.e. transparent) this contract to anyone wanting to apply, not just rubber stamp it to the same company as it has for years. How does anyone know the County is getting the best deal if it just continues operating in the same old manner? At a time we are asking for concessions from Employees, why not ask for concessions from our vendors?

A said farewell to Lynda Robert (County Recorder, Clerk of the Board, Registrar) who has left us for a great career opportunity in Marin County. Good luck Lynda! Also a farewell to Aimee Brewster (Assistant Assessor) who will be leaving our Assessor department for a great opportunity in San Bernardino. Aimee, you have been a great asset and it is Mono County’s lost.