July 2014 - Sierra Scoop Column

Alas Summer has arrived and our local tourist economy is humming along. Despite the fears of “no water” that is being propped up by distance newspapers, our Mono County Tourism Department is doing a great job getting the word out that we do have water, BIG trout are still being stocked and there is plenty to do in the Eastern Sierra for the entire family!

After a long stint as “Interim” and “Acting” Public Works Director, Jeff Walters, has finally been made “The” Public Works Director. With the authority to make changes and improvements, everyone is looking forward to a new and better serving department.

Alicia Vennos, who has been heading up MC Tourism Department, was recently promoted as the MC Economic Development Director. Good luck and congratulations Alicia! A well-deserved promotion!

MC has submitted an application to the Active Transportation Program Grant program for Bridgeport and Lee Vining. This grant, if awarded, will help create “safe to school zones” which includes sidewalk improvements, solar powered lights, better crosswalks and more. Stay tuned as we go thru the granting process.

July 4th is the 152nd Bridgeport 4th of July Celebration. Come on out watch the parade, enjoy some crafts and arts, and eat some great food! A live band will be playing this year behind the Bridgeport General Store, brought to all of us by the General Store and Rhinos. Thanks guys!

After nearly two years, MC’s Mailbox Ordinance was finally adopted. What this does is “grandfather” in all existing mailboxes that are currently residing in MC’s “right of way”. All NEW mailboxes will require an “encroachment permit”, hopefully at no charge. Stay tuned.

The Board in June approved the spending of nearly $200,000 (money from the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District) to help fund the replacement of old and inefficient wood burning fireplaces. Stay tuned for more details.

With the elections in early June, a few changes will take place come January of 2015. First is that MC will have a new Assessor. Congratulations to Barry Beck – we look forward to you implementing the changes and improvements that you promised during your campaign. Second is that MC will have a new Sheriff, Ingrid Braun. She will be MC’s first ever female Sheriff. Does this mean the “Good Ole’ Boys Club’ is history? Stay tuned! And last but not least, a “Congratulations” to Stacey Corless as she won a three way race for MC Supervisorial District 5 (Mammoth) as she replaces retiring Byng Hunt.