May 2014 - Sierra Scoop Column

I hope that you have had a chance to try the “winter” fishing on the West Walker River? Effective March 1st, the WWR went to year-round fishing and after a great stocking by the Northern Mono Chamber of Commerce (large Rainbows) and the DFW (nice fat German Browns) this river has been HOT! Bob Dunn has been fishing several times and each time he has caught some very nice trout, including a 4.5#. By the time you read this, the “regular Catch and Keep” season will have started (last Saturday of April). Remember that come November 16th, the WWR will be back to “catch and release”. In the meantime, make sure you get out on the WWR and catch (and hopefully release) some nice trout this summer!

The Antelope Valley Community Emergency Response Team (AVCERT) recently received a $2000 grant from Mono County adding to a FEMA grant they received earlier this year to purchase an AVCERT trailer. This trailer will be used to store much of the gear that AVCERT has accumulated over the past year and have it ready in case of the next emergency. Speaking of the AVCERT, if you would like to join with your fellow community members in this worthwhile adventure, please contact Jason Foster at

With the cooperation of Mono County and the Bridgeport CSA #5, improvements on Memorial Hall are on track. Design work is completed and estimates have been received and are being reviewed. Everyone is hopeful that work (in phases) will start soon. Mono County is working with all stakeholders in order to minimize any inconvenience during construction. The finish project will set Memorial Hall on track for the next 100 years.

If you get a chance, swing by the Antelope Valley Community Center in Walker. The new expansion program is underway and with the help of many dedicated volunteers, the project is moving forward and at a swift pace. Thanks to Mono County and the Antelope Valley Lions Club and community members for working so well together!

Attention all Antelope Valley residents, business owners and property owners, the Antelope Valley Regional Planning Advisory Committee (AVRPAC) has an opening on the committee. The AVRPAC meets once a month on the first Thursday at 7pm at the Community Center in Walker. Meetings last ~2 hours and this is your chance to input your thoughts on planning issues concerning the Antelope Valley.

The Bridgeport 152nd July Forth parade is in about 2 months. If you want to participate in the parade, contact the “Bridgeport 4th of July Committee” at 760-932-7743/7555. The Eastern Sierra Ridge Riders participated last year for the first time and are planning on attending once again this year.. hope to see you in the Parade!