March 2014 - Sierra Scoop Column

Snow started to fall in early February and any little bit helps. Looks like winter may have finally arrived.

With a new year, comes new chairmanship for the BOS. Supervisor Larry Johnson was elected as the 2014 Chair and Supervisor Tim Fesko was elected as Vice-Chair. The BOS adopted new Rules and Procedures for themselves and this included a new Pro-Tem position (in case the Chair and Vice Chair are both absent from a meeting) and Supervisor Fred Stump was elected.

For the first time in Mono County’s history, the BOS adopted a “Legislative Platform”. The legislative platform is a statement of goals and priorities for Mono County and provide direction for those persons advocating on behalf of the County.  The Mono County legislative platform may contain both broad goals as well as specific legislative proposals.

Early February saw the BOS hand out free funding to a number of Non-County Agencies. This happens once a year and is open to just about any organization (per rules set by the BOS). This year saw several youth activities such as AYSO and Little League, several “Music and Arts” organizations, three Historical Societies including the newly formed Antelope Valley Historical Exhibit along with the Antelope Valley CERT.

The BOS also adopted a new “Energy Policy” that waives most County fees on such projects as Solar and Wind for both residential and commercial facilities. The BOS hope to stimulate the growth of energy independence.

And for all of you that use a garbage provider such as D&S, you will have already seen a slight increase in your garbage rates. This increase was at the request of the providers as outlined in their franchise agreements and the increase is based on the CPI and PPI.

And last but not least, with the persistence of Dan Anthony and Bob Dunn, both residents of Antelope Valley, along with the rest of the Mono County Fisheries Commission, Mono County will see year round fishing starting on March 1st on the West Walker River. From November 16th thru the last Friday of April, from the confluence of the Little Walker River and the West Walker River (at Hwy 395) down canyon to Topaz Lake, fishing will remain open. Special regulations such as “catch and release, barbless hooks, artificial flies and no bait” will be in effect. From the last Saturday of April thru November 15 the regular “catch and keep” season will be in effect.