February 2014 - Sierra Scoop Column

Hopefully by the time you read this, we will have had a lot of snow and hopefully it will continue through the month. Maybe we can all go out and do a snow dance! Here are just some of the latest news items.

Bridgeport CHP is looking for a new location for a larger, more modern facility. The Board of Supervisors recently sent a letter to the Bridgeport CHP requesting that any new offices remain in the Bridgeport area. As Bridgeport is the county seat (and home to our jail), it only makes sense to have their new offices remain in Bridgeport.

For the first time in Mono County history, we now have an official Legislative Platform. What this means to Mono County is that we have a standard to go by when we are dealing with Sacramento or Washington DC. We now have a list of important items that we want to have a voice in!

A huge issue that the County is dealing with that could affect most of the land (public and private) is the possible listing of the Bi-State Sage Grouse. The critical habitat being proposed covers most of the county. Rules and regulations stemming from this listing could negatively impact any sort of development. Because of property taxes, the County is able to provide much needed services to its residents. Anything that could disrupt future growth could have devastating consequences for our county. The County is working hard along with other agencies on this issue. Stay tuned for more on this important issue.

Great news! The Toiyabe Indian Clinic in Walker on Camp Antelope Road has received a grant of over $800,000 to reopen. The clinic is scheduled to be open sometime early February and the clinic is open to everyone! Stop by the clinic to learn more of the services provided.