November 2013 - Sierra Scoop Column

Fall is definitely in the air. First snow has already come and gone, some of the passes have closed and then reopened. As much as we need the moisture, I’m hoping for some more sunshine before winter really sets in.

The BOS recently dealt with the Emergency Access Road issue down in Mono City. While the BLM is willing to allow access on an already existing road, the “mitigation issues” they are requiring are unrealistic with a price tag of ~$100,000. And this is for an existing dirt road! The BOS is working to find a more realistic solution for a pressing need.

The Ducks Unlimited dinner seemed to be a great success. The turnout was good, the food was great as usual, and the prizes were unbelievable.

I attended and spoke at a Broadband Forum regarding the Digital 395 project. The main project should be complete by the time you read this. It is now up to the local “last mile” providers to tap into this project in order to deliver FAST internet service. is reporting new higher speeds (10-20 MB down, 2 Mb up) for $39.95. Escape Broadband offers Internet Access and TV in the Bridgeport and Walker areas.

Welcome Katy Buell and Judy Curti to the Antelope Valley Regional Planning Advisory Committee. This committee meets the first Thursday of the month (7pm-9pm) at the Antelope Valley Community Center in Walker.

The Antelope Valley Lions had a very successful “Deer Hunters BBQ” that was very well attended. The building was bursting with such a huge crowd. Mark your calendar for their next event, “Cow Pasture Golf” which will be held on the first Saturday of April 2014.

And last but not least, I was able to attend a “Trek Across Nevada” with a group of great people on OHVs. This 10-day, 1400+ mile trek took us from the California border, across northern Nevada, all the way to the Utah border and back! If you have access to FaceBook, search for “Eastern Sierra Ridge Riders” to see photos and daily posts. Also, for a day by day narrative of the Trek, visit