October 2013 - Sierra Scoop Column

Summer had gone and Autumn is upon us, oh where has the time gone? The County agreed to give a helping hand to the Town of Mammoth. Their entire computer system seems to be rather old and works most of the times. At the request of the Town, Mono County’s Information Technology (IT) department is now evaluating and installing new computers (at a cost to the Town).

Speaking of IT. Long time IT Director Clay Neely recently retired after many years with Mono County. Congratulations to Nate Greenberg who recently was appointed as the new IT Director. Also, welcome to Bill Van Lente, new Human Resource/Risk Manager.

Mono County has not had an Assessor since the last “elected” Assessor quit in June 2012. According to the State Constitution, the Board “shall” appoint a new Assessor. After a very public interview process and four candidates later, the Board choose Bob Musil as the new Assessor. Bob will serve thru the end of 2014 at which time a new “elected” Assessor will take over.

Late August saw the County go thru their exercise of creating a balanced budget during a special 2 day session of the Board. Last year’s budget was ~$71 million and this year we saw a sizable drop to ~$63 million. Congratulations to Jim Leddy (new CAO) and Leslie Chapman (Finance Director) and all of the numerous staff that helped create a balanced budget in these still tough times.

One item of much importance to Antelope Valley and beyond is the County’s Senior program. While there was a small drop in overall program funds, the Board agreed to continue back filling this program with ~$159,000. Congratulations to Megan Foster, the person that deals with this program on a day to day basis and does a great job with the little money she has to work with.

On September 3, the Mono County Board of Supervisors approved the final budget by a 4-1 vote. While there was something in the budget for everyone not to like, the reality is that overall, this was a very good budget considering that there was a $9 million drop from last year.