September 2013 - Sierra Scoop Column

If you have not been up to Bridgeport recently, you need to go see the new School Street Plaza located directly adjacent to the historic Courthouse. This project has cleaned up this area and has now created a public friendly place. Go check it out!

Digital 395, a fiber optic project running from Barstow to the south all the way to Reno to the north, is nearly complete. This project has run into its share of hiccups dealing with 40+ different agencies but Michael Ort has, for the most part, pulled it off. By the time you read this, service should be up and running from Reno all the way down to Mammoth. Hopefully the connection to the south will be completed in a timely manner so that we have a complete system.

What does Digital 395 do for you? Depending on who you buy service from, you should see greater reliability (less downtime) and greater speeds when accessing the internet. You should contact your provider (SuddenLink,, Escape Broadband, etc) and see when they will be offering higher speeds and lower costs.

Did you know that the County now has “Standard” plans for garages and patio covers? These “prescriptive” plans are available to anyone in the County. By offering these “free” plans, it will save homeowners and business owners the time and expense of having drawings created by an Architect. If you are interested, contact Tom Perry, Building Official, at either the Bridgeport or Mammoth offices.

The Board of Supervisors has revised our agenda format in order to make it more “public” friendly. Look for this new format sometime in September.

In closing, I would like to pay a tribute to my father, Jacob Edward Fesko. He passed away on July 24th at the age of 89. He was surrounded by his 5 children and friends in his last hours. As a World War II veteran, he is now resting at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona alongside his wife of over 50 years. He will be missed by his 5 children, 5 grand-children and 5 great-grand-children. We love you Dad!