August 2013 - Sierra Scoop Column

Mono County recently approved a “Special Event Ordinance” that defines (for the record) the process that everyone must follow including the County! In the past, no defined procedure was in place causing confusion. The new ordinance specifies when, how and who regarding the processing of a permit. In fact, it clearly states that once a completed permit application is received, the County has 10 business days to respond. This is just one step that the Board of Supervisors is taking in making the County responsive to the People!

The County recently approved an agreement with CalTrans regarding the Conway ranch that will further enhance the fish rearing that occurs out on the ranch. This is great news as Mono County moves forward with an enhanced fish rearing facility plan that will allow Mono County to control our fishing future! Yet another bold move by your Board of Supervisors and the Mono County Fisheries Commission!

Summer has finally arrived along with several strong thunderstorms, one even dropping several inches of hail in Bridgeport! Speaking of Bridgeport, the School Street project has been completed and everyone is invited to come check it out. It is a great addition to our historic Courthouse.

The 151st 4th of July parade in Bridgeport was a huge success. Local businesses all along the Eastern Sierras are reporting booming business. It appears that the summer visitor count is way up and this is great news for our local tourist businesses and all of the working residents of the County.

Speaking of great news, according to MMSA, June Mountain will be opening for the 2013-2014 winter season. This is great news for the residents and businesses of June Lake and the thousands of visitors to June Mountain!

Last but not least - Nancy Boardman, Animal Control Director, retired at the end of June after her many years of service to Mono County and its residents. Congratulations on your retirement Nancy, now go play!