June 2013 - Sierra Scoop Column

Great Progress will come to those that have patience (I’m sure someone famous stated this years ago). The Board has actively been pursuing a new CAO, Assessor and HR/Risk Manager. The Board is confident that it will find great talent to serve the residents and visitors of Mono County.

Bridgeport and Lee Vining will see projects this summer. Lee Vining will a street rehab project. Bridgeport will see two projects. The School Street project next to the Courthouse should be completed before the July 4th festivities, and ~3 miles of local streets should see repaving, new sidewalks, curb and gutters and drainage. All of this is accomplished due to State Transportation funding. Kudos to Mono County employees for their hard work on these and other projects!

Through cooperation by Mono County and the Public, the Bridgeport theatre group will be able to perform this year in the Memorial Hall. THANK YOU goes out to so many people that worked together to get this public facility back open for use by the Public.

Transfer Stations – After a presentation by the Solid Waste Superintendent, the Board approved to make the hours the same all year long, no longer will we have to deal with Summer and Winter hours! Walker & Pumice Valley are open Wednesdays and Saturdays 7:30am – 3:30pm. Bridgeport is open Thursdays and Sundays (also Tuesdays May 1 – Sept 30) 7:30am – 3:30pm. Please be aware that the closing time is the time you must be out of the gate so plan on getting there 30 minutes prior to the closing time. Thank you!

The Antelope Valley will be holding their 6th Annual Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboreetm  from June 11th thru the 15th. Volunteers are still needed in many areas so if you have a few hours to donate, please contact Sue Robbins at 530-208-6078.