May 2013 - Sierra Scoop Column

When the newly elected/reconstituted Board of Supervisors took office (or shortly thereafter) a number of management positions within the County became available as these folks choose to leave. One of these positions is the Finance Director. The Supervisors have chosen, after many interviews, to hire Leslie Chapman. Leslie comes from Inyo County where she has been the elected Auditor-Controller for the past 10 years. Leslie is scheduled to start with Mono County on May 1st.

The Board has also opened up the CAO position and has been taking submittals for this position that was vacated by Jim Arkins at the end of January. The Board is confident that it will find a well-qualified, people-oriented CAO.

Last but not least, the Board has finally decided to fill the position of Assessor (by law the Board shall fill this position when vacant). This position is currently open to qualified applicants.
Digital 395 is moving forward at a feverish pace. I’m certain that you have noticed the multiple crews along the highway. Once they are complete in the end of July do not expect immediate service. Digital 395 is known as a “middle mile” project which means that third party companies (last mile), such as, Escape Broadband, Suddenlink, or many others will have to “tap” into the Digital 395 and then be able to resell service to the public. What this means is that there could be a number of months before the public gets to see the “fast” service..  but big rewards come to those that are patient.

After the previous Board raised Gate Fees at our landfills, they also started to charge for the dumping of manure. On March 3rd the Board voted to exempt manure from any fees. In addition, the Board extended the “wood waiver program” (allows County residents to take sage, brush, etc. for no charge) for the entire calendar year. See your local Fire Chief to get your Wood Waste Waivers.