March 2013 - Sierra Scoop Column

The first two months of the year have been quite busy in Mono County for our new Board of Supervisors. They are facing many challenges head on and are already getting things done!

In early February the Board appointed Lynda Salcido (head of Public Health) as “Acting CAO”, while she continues her duties as Head of Public Health. This was a temporary action until the Board can find an Interim CAO which will then allow the Board time to find the best qualified individual to fill the CAO position. Once a permanent CAO is found, then the vacant positions of Finance Director and Public Works Director will be filled. A BIG “Thank You” goes out to all of our employees who have stepped up to help us through this transition period.

The Bridgeport Memorial Hall update plan is finally starting to move forward. Plans have been received by the County, many of the local stakeholders such as the Bridgeport RPAC and CSA #5 have had the chance to view and comment on the plans. This is has been a long time coming but is appears that movement is finally starting to happen.

The Antelope Valley Community Center expansion project is moving forward. Hopefully by the time that this column reaches your hands, building permits will have been issued. There have been an unforeseen couple of snags but I am hopeful that they will be solved by the time you read this.

Solid Waste (i.e. Garbage) is a huge issue, and one of my top priorities, for this year. Our new Board of Supervisors have had a couple of Strategic Planning sessions and all of the Supervisors agree that this is a top priority for our County. A “Solid Waste Workshop” is scheduled for Tuesday March 5 in Bridgeport at the Board of Supervisors Chambers in the Courthouse. I do not have an exact time but most likely will be after lunch as this could take a couple of hours. The Public is welcomed and encouraged to come and listen and learn about this program.