August 2012 - Sierra Scoop Column

The 5th Annual Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree took place for 5 days in June. We had a record turnout and everyone enjoyed themselves so much that most have already committed to next year.  This year we had many great sponsors (Thanks Eli & Pam!) such as Kymco, STI Tire and Wheel, Camp Chef, Screw-a-flat-easy, Rocky Mountain ATV, Topaz Lodge, Reno Cycle & Gear and We even raffled a Kymco 450 ATV which was won by Chris Wenzel from Michigan. A special thanks to all of the local businesses who supported this great event, the numerous volunteers, both local and afar who spent many hours before, during and after supporting this event. It is because of the tremendous support from so many that we are able to put on such a tremendous event that benefits our local economy here in Antelope Valley. Thanks to everyone!

Over the past 18 months of writing this column, I have been asked where I get my information. Much of it comes from Mono County’s own website at I read over the Board of Supervisors Agenda’s, Minutes and Budget. Varies contracts, agreements and correspondence are found in the full agendas listed on the website as “complete packet”. All of this information is “Public” information and is available to anyone!

Over the 15 years of living in Mono County, I have seen many power hits (high voltage very briefly) but rarely any Brown Outs. Normally the voltage at a standard wall outlet is ~120 volts but during a Brown Out, the voltage drops below 120. Recently Antelope Valley experienced a drop to ~80 volts for a couple of hours. When this happens, lights dim and many electronic devices will not even operate. However, anything with a motor, such as a refrigerator, will still try to operate. The problem is there is not enough power to properly run and motors get very hot which can cause failure. During these times, it is important to turn off electrical devices and the best way is shut down the main breaker (usually at your electrical meter) until full power is restored. Do you know where your main breaker is? Ask a friend or neighbor to show you so you can be prepared in the future.