June 2012 - Sierra Scoop Column

Recently, Supervisor Johnson (the most fiscally conservative on the board?) proposed a 10% reduction in many of the fees the County charges its residents and businesses. This proposal was seconded by Supervisor Hansen. Over the years, these fees just continue to increase. In May 2010, the Board approved, by a 5-0 vote, to raise fees with just a handful capped at no more than a 50% increase. Many businesses have asked “What am I getting by paying these fees that just seems to be increasing every year?”

According to Supervisor Johnson, the 10% reduction would have put ~$400,000 back into the hands of the residents and businesses of Mono County. He believes that this money could be better spent as most of it would be spent back in Mono County. Every dollar spent in a community is re-spent many times over as it moves through the economy.

After some lively discussion, I am told, the proposal did not pass (2 for, 3 against) and thus the fees stay the same. Of course, it is usually around this time that the County once again raises fees so we’ll just have to sit back and wait to see what happens next!

Another recent topic has been the Antelope Valley Community Center. $100,000 was allocated to expand the center. Dave Murray took on the project of design and cost estimating. The Lions (along with other volunteers) were going to do the actual physical labor. Well, the quick version of the story is that the State Fire Marshall was brought in and after an inspection, decided that additional items (fire doors, sprinkler system, new heater, etc) were required. According to Supervisor Hanson the cost has risen so high that the original $100,000 will no longer fund the expansion. As the story unfolds, I’ll pass on the information.

With the election just days away, California has two propositions on the ballot – I urge everyone to please read about these in the “Official Voter Information Guide” and get out and vote June 5th. It is your right to vote, so make sure you are heard!

To see topics that are being debated in our County, visit www.monocounty.ca.gov and click on “Board of Supervisors Agenda”. Contact your Supervisor, they work for you! District 1, Larry Johnson, ljohnston@mono.ca.gov. District 2, Hap Hazard, hap04@msn.com. District 3, Vikki Bauer, vbauer@mono.ca.gov. District 4, Tim Hansen, thansen@mono.ca.gov. District 5, Bing Hunt, bhunt@mono.ca.gov.