December 2012 - Sierra Scoop Column

As I sit here the day after the General Election writing this column, I am quite concerned by  the divisiveness of our Country. The results  in so many of these races shows no clear winner as many are only points apart. What this does show is a Country that is so divided down the middle, one must wonder if anything can be accomplished to solve the problems we all face. On the other hand, we have to solve it because the alternative is unacceptable.

Locally, I am grateful for the support in my bid for Supervisor in District 4. This has been a tough 10 month battle for this seat. While I have had great support and I am so thankful for that, the work has only begun. It is now time to reach across the table and join together so that we as a District and County can move in a positive direction together for the betterment of all. While we will not be able to agree on everything, it is my job to not just listen but to hear everyone and to work to bring as many together as I can. I believe that by hearing each other, education and working together, we will be able to get this County that we all love, moving in the right direction. The road forward will not be an easy one, but together we will be able to accomplish anything we set our minds on.

I am here for all of District 4 and for the County. My job has just begun and I look forward to working with all sides for the betterment of Mono County. While I plan on continuing writing this column as I have done for the past 2 years, I would like to get a larger email list so that I can update each of you more timely. If you would like to join my private email list, please send your email address to Thank you once again and I look forward to serving all!