November 2012 - Sierra Scoop Column

SRA Fire Fee (tax) Bills have been received by Mono County residents. For information protesting this bill go to and find out about the lawsuit the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has filed. This new “tax” affects over 825,000 property owners. Let’s hope the courts do the right thing and overturns this tax disguised as a “fee”.

Bridgeport has gone through a “Main Street” redesign and with new paving comes new striping. This new striping in town includes the reduction of 5 lanes down to 3 along with new “diagonal back-in parking”. Yes I did say “diagonal back-in parking”. This “new” way of parking (already tested in a couple of California towns) will increase the number of vehicles that can park in downtown. Hopefully this will help bring in more tourists and help the business community. According to CalTrans, Bridgeport is a “test site” for the Eastern Sierra. A “BIG” thanks should go out to CalTrans for their quick response on getting this striping project done so quickly!

There are 11 propositions, 20 State Senate seats and 80 State Assembly seats up for grabs in California alone. I urge everyone to read through at least the Pros and Cons on each proposition. While I will not suggest how anyone should vote on any particular proposition, I will urge you to remember that giving more money to government is not the fix all. I believe that until government can demonstrate that they are efficiently spending OUR money that WE should not give them any more. Let’s fix the problems, not throw more of our money at the problem! With elections on November 6th and with so much at stake for our County, State and Country now is the time for everyone to get out and vote.  I believe that it is not only your right to vote, but your duty as an American.