August 2011 - Sierra Scoop Column

Why is it that the little guy is the one that always seems to get the short end of the stick? On July 7th, the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority (ESTA) held a meeting at the Walker Senior Center. ESTA spoke about a $166,000 short fall in the ESTA budget. The solutions presented were one of two things, increase fares or decrease service (or after some pressing the issue, some combination of these two). Interestingly enough, what was never put on the table was how to reduce expenses. Looking over the budget, (go to revenue is expected to go down, while some expenses went up.

What I find quite interesting is that “The People” (mainly our Senior Citizens on fixed incomes) are being squeezed with fee increases of 20% or more and service decreases while ESTA management salaries are being raised by ~5%!

I personally find this shameful that our “elderly” are being asked to sacrifice while the high paid management is being rewarded! The elderly that day said they understand they may need to cough up more money, but those that are making the high salaries must also sacrifice (or go find work elsewhere!).

 It is time for “The People” to stand up to their representatives and say enough! Contact all of the Supervisors and let them know your thoughts soon before your chance goes away.

On another note, our Board of Supervisors continues to give away the People’s money. Just recently, more At-Will contracts have been signed with huge yearly salaries. For example, District Attorney Investigator $223,862.65, Payroll and Benefits Manager $153,834.91, Director of Risk Management $190,724.89. These costs include salary, vacation, benefits, etc. And yes that all important car allowance of $704 per month is still being given away! At a time when so many lower paid County employees have to carpool just to make ends meet, our At-Will employees get paid to drive to work!

I continue to pray that the American people will open up their eyes and voice their opposition to how our representatives spend our money! Remember, there are ~14,000 county residents and only 5 Supervisors. The odds ARE in OUR favor! Wake up America!

Let your feelings be known to ALL Supervisors - District 1, Larry Johnson, District 2, Hap Hazard, District 3, Vikki Bauer, District 4, Tim Hansen, District 5, Bing Hunt,