July 2011 - Sierra Scoop Column

I’m going to do a recap on re-Districting as this will shape our County for the 10 years. By law, every County in California is split into 5 districts, each having the same number of voters (per the census). The districts do not have to have the exact same amount but must be within 10% from the smallest to the largest.

For years, Mammoth (only 4 square miles out of ~3200 in the County) has had ~75% of the population, thus they end up with 3 Supervisors out of the 5 in the County. This have given Mammoth (and their non-rural ideas) control over the rural areas. For years, the rural areas have felt under represented.

One idea that I spoke about last month, was “balancing” the load between rural and non-rural areas. Napa County had the same sort of problem and their Supervisors understood the need to “balance” the playing field. They had the political will to do what was right for ALL OF THE PEOPLE. Napa broke up the City of Napa (in our case, Mammoth) into 5 districts, each extending into the unincorporated county, thus creating a star or spokes on a wheel pattern. What this ended up doing was spreading the power to ALL of the County, not just centralized in one place. Go to www.countyofnapa.org/BOS for a map of Napa County.

Mono County held Public Meetings around the County to hear what you, the Public, wanted out of re-Districting. If you did not attend, it is still not too late to have your voices heard. Send your comments to your local Supervisor and in fact ALL of the supervisors (emails below). The recommendations from this task force will be presented to the Board of Supervisors at the July 19th meeting (double check their schedule as this could change!).

I say it is time for this County to do the right thing for ALL OF THE PEOPLE. It will take a lot of “political will” by our Supervisors, several not wanting to spread their power. But as Supervisor Hazard has stated many times, it is time for “All districts to share equally”.

Let your feelings be known to ALL Supervisors - District 1, Larry Johnson, ljohnston@mono.ca.gov. District 2, Hap Hazard, hap04@msn.com. District 3, Vikki Bauer, vbauer@mono.ca.gov. District 4, Tim Hansen, thansen@mono.ca.gov. District 5, Bing Hunt, bhunt@mono.ca.gov.

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